Hooman guests can pet, play, and hang out with our friendly Barkin' Buddies in the Dog Zone. Relieve your stress with our doggos and enjoy a unique twist to the cafe experience! Kindly read and understand our Dog Zone Rules before entering for the safety of every Barkin' Buddy and hooman guest.

Dog Zone Faqs

What is the Dog Zone?

The Dog Zone is a unique twist to the café experience where guests can mingle and play with several dogs. Our cafe provides our dogs a.k.a. the Barkin' Buddies with utmost love and care. Please read our Dog Zone Rules to keep everyone and every Barkin' Buddy safe at all times. Note that guest dogs are not allowed inside the Dog Zone, they are however able to enjoy our Doggo Dine In cafe.

Do I need to make a reservation to enter?

Our cafe operates in a first come, first serve basis. No reservations are needed.

What are the Dog Zone Rules?

In order to keep everyone and every Barkin' Buddy safe at all times we have Dog Zone Rules that must be strictly followed as you enter.

Here are some Dog Zone Rule Highlights:
·Wash your hands before you enter
·Change your footwear to the slippers provided
·Do not feed our Barkin' Buddies
·Do not wake up sleeping Barkin' Buddies.
·Do not carry our Barkin' Buddies. You may simply sit on the floor to play and mingle with them.
·Do not tease or taunt our Barkin Buddies
·No loud noise or horse playing in the Dog Zone

How much is a Single Entry to the Dog Zone?

A Single Entry to the Dog Zone is Php 219.00 for 2 hours, inclusive of one free drink. Drinks depend on the availability, we have lemonade, chocolate, iced coffee and juice drinks. Please note that an entry is non-transferable.

Are all the Barkin' Buddies always in the cafe?

The Barkin' Buddies follow a shifting schedule, to prevent any one of them being stressed out. They take regular breaks during the day. Our Barkin Buddies are regularly checked by our staff and partner veterinary clinic, St. Hyacinth Animal Clinic. Please read our Dog Zone Rules to keep every human guest and all Barkin' Buddies safe at all times.

How is the health and welfare of each Barkin' Buddy checked by their family?

Our family is committed to the health and welfare of each and every Barkin' Buddy. All our staff and owners are well bonded with our dogs too. Our Barkin' Buddies all have schedules and take breaks. Our doggos take walks, go shopping with their respective owners. Their owners also personally cooks and bakes goods for them.

Our partner veterinarian clinic does regular check-ups as well to ensure that our Barkin' Buddies are always healthy and in top shape. We have our Dog Zone Rules listed on our website to also ensure the well being of our Barkin' Buddies. These are strictly imposed in our cafe by our staff for the safety of every dog and every human guest too.

What is the schedule of the Barkin' Buddies?

Our Barkin' Buddies have a schedule, but it is our protocol that we do not reveal this to our guests. This is to minimize favoritism for a particular family member. We believe all of them would be a great buddy, anytime! ​

What are the Dog Zone hours?

Dog Zone is open daily from 12 NN - 10 PM in SM NORTH EDSA

Can I take photos in the Dog Zone?

Taking photos is okay as long as there is no flash. 📷🐶 You can take a selfie or two, however please make sure to follow our Dog Zone rules. Kindly respect our Barkin' Buddies nap times. Feel free to nap with them, they'd love you even more when you do so.

Can my own dog enter the Dog Zone?

Guest Dogs are not allowed inside the Dog Zone for safety purposes. They may however stay in the Doggo Dine In Area where they enjoy doggo treats, hearty meals and much more!

Are children allowed to enter the Dog Zone?

Yes, children can get in as well as long as he/she has adult supervision at all times in the Dog Zone.

Can I make an exclusive reservation in the Dog Zone for a party celebration / event?

Yes, you can book our Dog Zone for private parties or events at 10 AM to 12 NN. Kindly message us on our FB Page for more information.

How many guests could stay inside the Dog Zone?​

A maximum of 30 guests could stay in the Dog Zone. The cafe will not let in guests once the limit has been reached. Should the guest wish to wait for his/her turn, he/she will be placed in a waiting list.